The #1 Predictor of Your Results in Business May Surprise You

What’s the #1 predictor of your results in business?

The answer may surprise you.

It’s not how hard you work. It’s not your experience, your education or your network.

It’s the quality of the thoughts you think.

Every result you create starts with the thoughts in your mind.

Results like a scalable business, positive cashflow, time for yourself, a body that’s healthy and fit – these results come from managing your mind.

Yet we’re not taught how to manage our minds in business school.

“Manage your mind” sounds like something a meditation teacher would say.

But if you don’t manage your mind, your mind will manage you.

How? It will try to keep you safe because its prime directive is to scan for danger and ensure our survival. This shows up in life as negativity bias and loss aversion.

We look for, notice and dwell on negative events and skim past the positive ones. We spend more effort to avoid losing what we have than we do creating something better. We react to stimuli instead of responding.

So how exactly do you manage your mind?

The simplest way is to notice what you’re thinking and choose your thoughts on purpose.

I use a tool called the “Thought Model.”

It’s based on cognitive psychology and works like a formula.

C + T + F + A = R

Circumstance: neutral fact
Thought: interpretation
Feeling: caused by thought
Action: what we do (or don’t do)
Result: outcome of actions

As you go through your day, notice how you feel. When you have a negative emotion like stress, worry, or overwhelm, stop and write down what you’re thinking.

Then ask yourself if that thought will create the result you want and intentionally choose a better feeling thought to fuel your action.

Here’s an example:

Circumstance: Employee resigns⁠
Thought: I can’t replace them
Feeling: Frustrated⁠
Action: Grumble and stew
Result: Do the work yourself


⁠Circumstance: Employee resigns ⁠
Thought: What if I don’t rehire?
Feeling: Curious⁠
Action: Evaluate the role
Result: Automate instead

Same circumstance, different thoughts. And much different results.

Your thoughts create the feelings that fuel your actions.

That’s why your thoughts are the biggest predictor of your results.

Choose your thoughts intentionally.

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