The 3-Bucket Rule

It’s counterintuitive to do less and accomplish more.

But that’s exactly what happens when trust is present.

Especially when it comes to your team.

For example, the more you trust your team, the less you do yourself.

You know this, but it’s hard to resist the urge to do everything because you’re faster and you think you have the most to lose if something goes wrong.

Plus, your brain gets a dopamine rush when you check things off a list, even when those “things” are the most important ones.

Delegating creates feelings of uncertainty because it feels like you’re not in control.

But you’re creating a trap if your business can’t run without you.

Instead, take a look at what you’re doing and put everything into three buckets:

1. Things you don’t like to do and aren’t good at doing. Question if these things need to be done at all and delegate the ones that do.

2. Things you’re good at, but someone else could do. Even if they don’t do it as well as you, offload these things to someone else.

3. Things you’re great at, and no one else can do. Your goal is to spend most of your time here. This is your personal “zone of genius.”

Delegate does not mean abdicate. It means communicate and create clear agreements, then evaluate the results and iterate.

In order to grow, you can’t do everything. You must rely on the ability of others.

Make the conscious decision to learn the skills needed to hire the right people (check out the book, “Who”) and then choose to trust them.

Delegate everything you can to them and evaluate the results.

In Stephen Covey’s classic “The Speed of Trust,” he describes how trust accelerates and deepens relationships with your team, leading to greater efficiency, collaboration, and financial success.

Teams with high trust have lower costs, enhanced productivity, and execute business processes faster.

Trust reduces the friction that hinders growth. It speeds decision making and increases collaboration and innovation. 

Gamify it by seeing how much you can delegate and how well you handle course corrections.

Not only will your business grow faster and your team enjoy the challenge, but you’ll feel more fulfilled when you’re doing what aligns with your unique ability.

Do less, trust more.

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