The Amazing Thing That Happens When You Love Your Business

If you ever have days where selling your business seems like the perfect solution, you’re not alone.

Like when the third operations manager in a row quits and you have to jump back into running the day-to-day.

Or when your most talented employee goes to work for the competition.

Or when you’re up past midnight working on another complicated proposal that only you can do.

But if the reason you want to sell is because you’re frustrated and exhausted, it’s a sure sign that it can’t run without you.

The solution is to clean up your business before you put it on the market, just like you’d clean up a house.

Systematize to scale and train your team to run your business without you.

This makes your business an asset and proves to buyers that you’re not required to operate it.

But there’s one important thing you must do first.

Fall back in love with your business.

Just like you can love the house you grew up in and not want to live there as an adult, you can love your business and decide to sell it. But love it first.

Start by taking an inventory. Do you ever have thoughts like these?

❌ You don’t know what you’re doing. You should be a better leader.
❌ Our clients are always changing their minds. They’re unreasonable.
❌ Why can’t the team just do it right? I have to do everything myself.
❌ I’m tired of this business. It’s not even interesting anymore.

These thoughts make you feel inadequate, frustrated, worried, exhausted.

Those are not the feelings you want to be fueling your actions.

You want to feel confident, focused, and energized to make the changes to your business that enable you to scale (whether or not you decide to sell).

Focus on and amplify what you already love about your business.

✅ Appreciate yourself for your courage and stamina.
✅ Appreciate your clients for their trust.
✅ Appreciate your team for their efforts and their belief in you.
✅ Appreciate your solutions for adding value to the world.

Then take the strategic actions to increase the value of your business by narrowing your niche so that you’re differentiated, turning services into solutions that you market like products, and building a team to scale and run the business for you.

When you love your business, something amazing happens: other people love it too.

This means your customers, your team, investors AND acquirers.

Remember when you used to LOVE your business? Find out how to leverage your brain and manage your mind in my bestselling book, Loving Your Business. Separate your identity from your business and turn it into a scalable asset that can run without you. That’s a business you’ll love – and other people will too. Get the first chapter here!



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