The Best Way to Get People to Respond

The intention behind what you say is more important than the precision of the words.

It seems like it’s what you say that creates the response.

This is why you’ll spend hours wordsmithing.

It slows you down and depletes your energy.

Thinking it has to be perfect is a smokescreen the subconscious mind uses to hold you back and keep you safe. It wants you to stay in the cave.

The belief that what you say has to be written a certain way in order for someone to benefit is not a fact.

The words are secondary to the underlying energy and the value of what you’re putting out.

It does not have to be perfect.

It’s your essence, your energy, and the intention behind what you’re putting into the world which creates a positive effect on others.

Doesn’t matter if it’s an email, a social post, a speech, a book, or a business proposal.

Everything starts with your intention.

Once that’s right, then whatever you write (or say) is going to land exactly how it needs to land for those ready to receive it.

You want people to respond to the authentic you, not the you you’re trying to be in order for them to respond.

Your real work is to increase your belief in yourself and the value you’re adding.

Release the attachment to the precision of the message and attachment to avoiding mistakes.

Yes, put a process in place; just remember that the process is not the purpose.

Ask yourself these two questions before you write anything.

1. What do I really mean?
2. Why does it matter to them?

Then release any attachment to what other people think of you or your message and feel good about your intention and your value.

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