The Importance of Understanding You Are Not Your Business

Sometimes it feels like your life is on the line when you own a business.

Everything seems urgent and important.

It’s hard to think clearly.

That’s because your brain goes into survival mode when your business is your identity.

It’s easy to spend all your time, money, and energy trying to prove your worth. 

Trying to control everything because that seems like the safest solution.

Overworking and overmanaging.

This way of being creates the most dangerous trap of all: a business that can’t run without you.

It’s like one of those finger puzzles where the harder you pull, the tighter the trap.

The more you do, the more your team becomes dependent on you, which requires even more of your time.

The solution is to rethink your relationship with your business.

Do this thought experiment:

Imagine someone else owns your company and they hire a professional CEO whose identity is not wrapped up in being the founder.

What would that person do differently? 

They would set priorities, allocate resources, and evaluate results.

That’s what you want to do, too.

Your business doesn’t have to be filled with drama.

Here’s the key:

Recognize that you are not the business. It’s an asset you own.

When you believe your worth as a person has nothing to do with the worth of your business, you’ll make more money because you’ll be able to evaluate results objectively.

Without making it mean there’s anything wrong with you.

You’ll also stop working 24×7, losing sleep, skipping exercise, and trying to escape the stress.

Make your business work for you instead of the other way around.

Create your future by setting priorities, allocating resources, and evaluating results.

And love yourself unconditionally the whole way.

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