The Most Important Reason to Go For Your Dreams

Have you ever abandoned a dream because it wasn’t realistic?

Most people have.

You tell yourself it’s not feasible to build that seven or eight-figure business after all.

That everyone knows entrepreneurs can’t go to Europe for the entire summer.

And it’s ridiculous to think about writing that book or giving that TED talk.

What’s really happening? Why are you settling?

Fear of failure.

You sacrifice the extraordinary life for one that’s “good enough” and tell yourself you’re being sensible.

You’ll limit what’s possible with the way you think, feel, and act.

It’s like a formula:

What’s possible + fear of failure = what’s “realistic”

Most fear of failure starts with thoughts like these:

❌I don’t know how.
❌This will never work.
❌I don’t have the money.
❌Other people are better.
❌There’s not enough time.


You’re failing ahead of time.

You’re sabotaging your future with your own thinking.

Recognize these thoughts don’t serve you. All they do is keep you in the cave. They are optional interpretations. YOU get to decide what to believe.

Ask yourself these 3 questions to overcome fear of failure:

1. “What am I thinking?” and write it down so you can see it in black and white.

2. “Will these thoughts help me get the results I want?”

3. Imagine the future you, who’s achieved your dreams, what does that person believe?

Start living into the future by showing up today as the person who thinks, feels and acts that way.

The person you become along the way is the most important reason to go for your dreams.

You are meant to grow and evolve.

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