The Secret to Growing Your Business Isn’t What You Think It Is

The most important part of growing a business is not what you do. It’s what you think.

Action is vital because results come from action.

But if you don’t believe something is possible, action alone is not enough.

What do you want to create in your business that you don’t think is possible?

Is it doubling your revenue or margin? Reducing your hours by half? Expanding into a new market, creating a recurring revenue model, or designing a product?

Whatever it is, the reason you don’t think it’s possible is that you don’t have evidence for it.

In other words, it’s not a part of your current identity.

How you see yourself dictates what you believe is possible.

Your identity consists of beliefs about yourself and your capabilities.

Most of your beliefs come from the PAST.

And that’s how you limit what’s possible in your future.

I challenge you to play a new game. To create your present reality based on the FUTURE you’re living into.

The amount of time it takes to grow your business and build a life you love is a function of how long it takes you to believe it is possible for you.

The best way to create something new is to declare your new future and live into it with the way you think, feel and act in the present.

In other words, become the person today who is capable of creating that future by changing your beliefs about yourself.

A belief is simply a thought you have evidence for, which makes it true for you.

You can create evidence by using your mind. The brain can’t tell the difference between memory and imagination.

Because your brain uses beliefs as a filter for what you notice, it will always find proof. You see what you look for.

That’s why you want beliefs that support where you’re going, not where you’ve been.

Become aware of what you believe about yourself. Notice the places where you think you’re “not ready” to move forward.

See with new eyes the times you hesitate because you don’t have proof from the past.

Grow your self-concept by intentionally deciding what you believe is possible.

Decide today that you are meant to succeed.

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