The Secret to Loving Your Business Again

Running a business is like being in a serious relationship. In the beginning, you can’t stop thinking about the other person. You’re in love and everything is great.

But over time, you start noticing little things you don’t like. Maybe your partner leaves socks on the bathroom floor, forgets to clean the stove, or bites their nails when nervous.

Focusing on those bad habits makes it harder to see the good parts of the relationship. You may not notice how often they make you laugh, tell you you’re amazing, or give you a warm hug.

Your brain automatically filters input from the world based on what it expects to see. The more you notice what you don’t like, the more your brain selects those things to notice.

The problem is we’re unaware we’re doing this. We believe we’re seeing reality. But psychological research repeatedly demonstrates that we create reality by the way we interpret circumstances.

The same goes for your relationship with your business. If you see it as something that devours your freedom and leaves you trapped and frustrated, it will be that way.

Everyone else will start to see it that way, too. If you don’t love your business, neither will your clients, your team, or the market.

If you’re waiting for your business to be perfect before you love it, you might be waiting a long time.

The sooner you decide to love it, the sooner your business will be easy to love.

Because the more you focus on what’s going well, the more you’ll notice it and the better you’ll feel.

Just like your partner or child doesn’t have to be perfect for you to love them, your business doesn’t have to be perfect for you to love it.

Try this exercise: Think of your business as a person. What does it look and feel like when you have a loving relationship with someone? ⁠

1. You make them a priority.
2. You celebrate together.
3. You appreciate them.
4. You look for the good.
5. You’re fully present.

That’s what you want to do with your business. ⁠

Love is a verb. Strengthen your connection with your business and choose to love it. On purpose.

Resenting your business costs you time, money, and freedom.

Loving your business is the best investment you’ll ever make.

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