The True Test of Whether Your Business Is an Asset

Imagine you’re on a bike and in a hurry to get somewhere.

You start pedaling as fast as you can, but you’re not sure you’re going the right way. It seems to be taking too long.

You have the fleeting thought that you should stop to ask for directions, but you don’t want to waste time and lose momentum.

You feel the sweat drip from your brow. Your heart is pounding, frustration spikes, and you grow more exhausted by the minute.

You double down and pedal harder.

You begin to doubt you’ll get there. You question if it’s even worth it. Your inner critic tells you this was a stupid idea.

Now imagine instead that you get off your bike, ask for directions and jump in a car to get there in half the time, with twice the energy.

Which scenario are you living when it comes to your business?

Are you pedaling frantically by overworking and overmanaging or are you driving purposefully down the road and turning your business into an asset?

A common misconception is that a business is an asset if it’s profitable.

But the real test is to answer these two questions:

1. Will your business run without you?
2. Can it scale without adding time or people?

You can transform your business and your life by rethinking your relationship with your business. Make it work for you, instead of the other way around.

Turn your business into an asset with these steps:

✅ Separate your identity from the business. You are not the business, you own the business.

✅ Differentiate your business in the market. Narrow your niche and become the premium solution in your space.

✅ Turn your services into solutions you market like products. This business model scales and improves cashflow because you charge in advance.

Picture your life if you keep going the way you are. Is it filled with energy, freedom and fulfillment? Or frustration, overwhelm, and exhaustion?

Ditch the bike and turn your business into an asset that works for you.

Remember when you used to LOVE your business? Find out how to leverage your brain and manage your mind in my bestselling book, Loving Your Business. Separate your identity from your business and turn it into a scalable asset that can run without you. That’s a business you’ll love – and other people will too. Get the first chapter here!



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