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Where do you look to decide what’s possible for you?

There’s only one place that matters.

Your mind.

Because your mind is the source of your thoughts.

And every single thing that’s ever been created in the world started with a thought.

That means what’s possible is up to you.

It’s not up to your friends or family, it’s not up to society, and it has nothing to do with your past.

If you haven’t done something before that means right now it exists only in your imagination.

So don’t look to your past for evidence to support it.

Don’t say you can’t create the future because you don’t know how.

You’re already creating it every day by default with the thoughts you think.

Besides, you can’t know exactly “how” if you haven’t done it before.

Waiting to figure out the how kills possibility. You figure out the how by doing it, failing, learning, and iterating.

Let the future you decide is possible be what shapes you in the present.

If I had listened to my friends and family, I never would have quit my high-paying IT job to start my first business over 2 decades ago.

If I’d let society dictate what was possible, I wouldn’t have chosen to bootstrap a data analytics company in a male-dominated field with only a statistics undergrad.

If I’d let my past inform what was possible for me, I would have never been able to scale and sell my first business, write a book about it, create a thriving marriage and be in the best shape of my life along the way.

What’s possible for you is up to you.

Decide on purpose.


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