The Sure Way to Redirect Your Focus When You Feel Frustrated

What do successful race car drivers, equestrian jumpers, and entrepreneurs have in common?

They focus on where they want to go.

Because energy flows where attention goes.

Of course you know this, you’ve heard it before. But sometimes your mind goes on autopilot.

The built-in negativity bias that has kept the human race alive for millennia takes over your mind.

You find yourself hyper-focused on the competition. You compare yourself to others. You worry you won’t succeed.

You might believe this makes you work harder and creates better results, but it holds you back.

By focusing on what you don’t want, you draw it closer to you.

You take your eyes off where you want to go.

This is why the race car driver doesn’t look at the wall when flying around the track and why I don’t look at the ground when riding a horse over a jump.

It’s also why successful entrepreneurs don’t focus on what’s wrong.

They focus on where they want to go.

So how do you create this habit?

The fastest way is to notice how you’re feeling. If you’re frustrated, overwhelmed, or stressed it’s a sure sign you’re focusing on what you don’t want.

It’s totally normal.

It’s just not helpful.

Trying to snap instantly from one extreme to the other, like frustrated to happy, is almost impossible.

But here’s something that does work: put your mind in neutral.

Picture a pendulum resting in between swings.

A good neutral position is curious.

You can create the feeling of curiosity by asking yourself questions like:

What’s going right?
What am I learning?
What do I want?

Start the practice today of intentionally focusing your mind on where you want to go.

Commit to curiosity and watch as results improve in all areas of your life.

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