The Mind Hack That Will Create Clarity in Your Business

Imagine someone else owns your company, and they hire a professional CEO to run it.

What would that person do differently?

They would set priorities, allocate resources, and evaluate results.


They would not do everything themselves. They would not try to control each and every detail. They would not take everything personally.

Their identity would not be wrapped up in being the founder.

Your business doesn’t have to be filled with drama.

Here’s the key:

You are not the business. It’s an asset you own.

Your worth as a person is completely unrelated to the worth of your business.

You’ll be more successful and make even more money when you really get this, because you’ll be able to evaluate results objectively.

Without making it mean there’s anything wrong with you when there is a problem (aka “a result you don’t want”).

You’ll see results as neutral information.

You’ll also stop working 24×7, losing sleep, skipping exercise, and trying to escape the stress with your buffer of choice.

Start right now to make your business work for you instead of the other way around.

First get clear about what you want (the vision), then set priorities, allocate resources and evaluate results.

Rinse and repeat.

Play full out in business, knowing that your mind decides the meaning of every result.

Create the evidence you want to see.

And love yourself unconditionally the whole way.

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