The One Thing You Never Want to Allow Your Mind to Do

There’s one thing you never want to allow your mind to do.

Because it will sabotage your success every time.

When you’re feeling irritated or frustrated by your business…

Don’t allow your mind to run on autopilot.

If you do, you’ll think the reason you’re business isn’t where you want it to be is because of…

your team
the economy
your solutions
your customers
the competition
the government
something’s wrong with you

You’ll try to solve it by:

hiring new people
changing your price
attending seminars
listening to podcasts
reading business books
working with consultants
increasing your marketing

But you’ll still feel:

❌ tense
❌ frustrated
❌ overwhelmed

Because you’re trying to fix the wrong problem.

The real problem is the way you’re thinking about your business.


This will never work.
There’s too much to do.
I have to do it myself if I want it right.

When you feel tense, frustrated, or overwhelmed, it’s not because of your business, it’s because of your thoughts about your business.

The problem with thoughts like these is your brain looks for evidence to support these beliefs.

AKA confirmation bias.

Pretty soon, you’ll think your thoughts are facts.

Not because they are, but because your brain is automatically filtering out everything that doesn’t match what you expect.

You don’t see all the things that are working.

You don’t acknowledge how much is getting done.

You don’t recognize how much your staff does right.

Decide to love your business and LOOK for what’s working. Pretty soon, confirmation bias will be working FOR you.

Your business doesn’t have to be perfect in order for you to love it.

Loving your business is a choice, not a result. And it’s the first step to freedom.

Because when you love your business, other people will too: your team, your customers, and the market.

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