Your Master Key

The ultimate source of your power to create results in the world comes down to one thing.

This one thing shapes your decisions, influences your actions, and even defines what you think is possible.

It’s your self-concept. Your identity. Who you think you are.

If you’re not getting the results in life that you want, this is the place to start.

Your self-concept is a constructed identity, like the clothes you wear. Which means you can change it.

Your mind has such a powerful need to create consistency between what you believe about yourself and your external reality that it will find a way to make reality match your self-concept.

It will delete, distort and generalize what it notices in order to support what you believe.

Use this to your advantage.

Instead of allowing what other people say or your past experiences to form your self concept, decide what you want, define your future as a reality and align your self-concept with it.

This means adopting the thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs of your future self, now.

Imagine the future you want is a fact. Who are you in the present that created this future?

1. What do you believe?
2. What are you doing?
3. Who are you being?

Who you believe you are shapes how you relate to the world.

You are the architect of your identity.

Everything else is just a reflection.

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