Your Place in the Cosmos

The branch of philosophy that deals with the nature of reality and our existence in the universe is called ontology.

It’s not a word you hear very often in business, but that’s about to change.

The field of ontology explores which things exist and how those things relate to each other at a universal, meta level. This includes objects like planets and stars, concepts such as time and space, and mental states like consciousness and emotion.

An example of a global ontological view we’ve traditionally held is that humanity represents the apex of evolution.

As an individual, you also create a personal ontology for understanding the world, which consists of beliefs. For example, you may believe making money is easy, people are good, and anything is possible. Your view of reality will be shaped positively by these beliefs.

Conversely, you may have had experiences which lead you to believe making money is hard, people are not to be trusted, and life is full of limitations. This will also shape your reality.

Beliefs are just thoughts you’ve repeated and found evidence for, so that you now accept them as “true.” They become the lens through which you look at the world.

The challenge with beliefs is that we resist changing them, even when they no longer serve us or align with new information.

Our world is evolving into a new form which will be almost unrecognizable. Changes relating to technology, government, the economy, and our understanding of our place in the cosmos will reshape our worldview so fast it may cause ontological shock.

In other words, we’ll need to re-evaluate our beliefs about the nature of reality and rethink what’s true about the universe at large. This will challenge our self-concept and sense of certainty. It will feel uncomfortable. We will instinctively try to resist the process.

As leaders, we can face any upcoming challenges by combining our intellect with intuition to elevate our capacity for understanding and thriving in this new world.

Advancements in AI mean that very soon we’ll no longer be able to tell if something is real unless it’s physically in front of us. Conversely, authentic personal connections will become priceless. Prioritize being transparent and congruent. Live in alignment with your values and you’ll cultivate deep and lasting trust in your relationships.

The recognition by officials in the Pentagon that multiple forms of non-human intelligence are interacting with our planet means we’re not alone in the universe. Imagine the potential for humanity with access to renewable energy sources and advanced medical science. Choose to have a curious mind and face the future with excitement.

Everyone I know is searching for meaning – either consciously or subconsciously. As you explore your own beliefs, consider your answers to these two existential questions:

1. Who are you? I believe you’re an individual spark of consciousness having a human experience. At a quantum level, you’re connected to everything, including other people, the planet, and the cosmos. What do you think?

2. Why are you here? Your true purpose is to discover your unique abilities and live in your zone of genius, while adding value to humanity. I call this expressing the essence of your being. Why else are you here?

There’s no one right answer.

The purpose of self-discovery is the search itself.

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