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How to Get Better Results in Your Business

There’s a guaranteed way to get better results in your business. Increase your responsibility. This means your ability to respond. When you believe the results in your business are outside of your control and are caused by clients, the economy, or your team, it’s easy to feel frustrated. Bring it back to you. YOU are

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Avoid Burnout by Shifting These Two Things

Did you start your business because you crave freedom? Did you love the idea of being in charge and making all decisions? Weren’t you sure you had a better way to get things done? So what happened? The more you grow the less time you have. Your business consumes you and you have decision fatigue.

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The Most Important Reason to Go For Your Dreams

Have you ever abandoned a dream because it wasn’t realistic? Most people have. You tell yourself it’s not feasible to build that seven or eight-figure business after all. That everyone knows entrepreneurs can’t go to Europe for the entire summer. And it’s ridiculous to think about writing that book or giving that TED talk. What’s

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Problem or Path Forward? The Truth About Obstacles

An obstacle is not a problem. There will always be obstacles between where you are now and where you want to be. Otherwise, you’d already be there. Overcoming obstacles is literally how you get from where you are to where you want to be. They’re stepping stones on the path to what you want. It

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Do Not Sell Your Business Before You Consider These Two Things

Ever wish you could sell your business? Two important truths you need to know: Truth #1: If you want to sell because you’re exhausted, it means your relationship with your business is unhealthy. If your business makes you feel trapped, frustrated, or overwhelmed, it’s a sure sign that it can’t run without you. All the

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