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The Mind Hack That Will Create Clarity in Your Business

Imagine someone else owns your company, and they hire a professional CEO to run it. What would that person do differently? They would set priorities, allocate resources, and evaluate results. Objectively. They would not do everything themselves. They would not try to control each and every detail. They would not take everything personally. Their identity

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What Would You Do if You Believed Success Is Inevitable?

Entrepreneurs are action-oriented. We have a need for speed and a sense of urgency. We’re in a hurry. There’s a lot to do. But here’s something you may not realize: When you believe there’s not enough time, you’ll look for (and find) evidence for this belief. And you’ll pay a very high price: 1. Your

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The One Thing You Never Want to Allow Your Mind to Do

There’s one thing you never want to allow your mind to do. Because it will sabotage your success every time. When you’re feeling irritated or frustrated by your business… Don’t allow your mind to run on autopilot. If you do, you’ll think the reason you’re business isn’t where you want it to be is because

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Why You Should Resist the Siren Song of Low-Balling Your Prices

You’re at an important trade show you can barely afford, you’re feeling like an imposter, and two Russian dudes approach you with this: “We’ve been watching you. You’ll never make it now that we’ve decided to take on this market. Starting tomorrow, we’re cutting our prices in half and targeting your clients first. There’s no

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