Overcoming Procrastination Will Lead to Personal Power and Success


As soon as you decide to do something important, like hire a COO, give a speech, or create a new product, the battle starts.


The “future you” wants to do something important and the “present you” is resisting.

Your neocortex fights with the more primitive part of your brain.

It’s the neocortex that can visualize the future you and create plans.

But the primitive part of your brain wants you to stay the same and conserve energy.

It believes change means uncertainty and danger.

It’ll come up with all kinds of reasons to procrastinate.

You’ll tell yourself you don’t have enough time, or something else must be done right now, or that you can’t find all the information you need.

The truth is you’re just resisting change.

The solution is to change who you are being.

Then it becomes natural to take actions that are in alignment with that version of you.

It becomes part of your identity.

Who you are being is more important than what you are doing.

Because who you are being directs your actions.

Are you being a person who is overwhelmed or are you being a person who is committed?

A person who is evolving and growing or someone who is static and stuck?

Personal power comes from the ability to declare a thing is possible and make it so.

Choose who you will be in the face of your dreams.

Decide to let the future you win the procrastination battle.

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